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Can we share our facilities with you?

Ignite Hope (IH) believes that Christ’s church is to be open and inclusive. Because of this, we want people in the community to be able to use our church building.

Mission of the Church: The usage of this facility must be compatible with the statement of faith and religious beliefs of the church. Any use inconsistent with these religious beliefs will not be allowed. As the spiritual authority of the church, the pastor and church board shall have non-appealable authority over a decision relative to whether a use is consistent with Christian theology, doctrine, and witness.

Further, if an activity negatively reflects on the Church’s testimony to the community, then the pastor and church board, in their sole discretion, may direct the denial of an application or cancel a calendared activity.


With this in mind, the church building is available for meetings or events which:


  • benefit the community,

  • respect our faith in Jesus Christ and respect this building as a place where people gather to worship.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Authorized groups may stay overnight in the church (e.g., youth group from out of town).

  • The church building and grounds cannot be used for personal financial gain or business purposes.

  • Safety: Ignite Hope may deny an application or cancel a calendared activity if determined that there is an unreasonable level of risk of injury to persons or property. A representative of Ignite Hope, given supervisorial authority over a use of the facilities for a given event, has the inherent authority to stop said event in progress if, in his or her opinion, such action is necessary in order to protect life, health, and/or property.

  • Property Taxes: The facilities are currently exempt from property taxes. Any use that jeopardizes the property tax exempt status of the church is prohibited.

  • Tax-exempt Religious Nonprofit: Ignite Hope is a nonprofit religious corporation which is exempt from state and federal taxation. Ignite Hope will not permit non-church users to engage in activities which could cause Ignite Hope to lose its nonprofit status.

  • Special Notes regarding Overnight Grounds Use (for cases when someone is requesting to stay in an RV or tent on church grounds)

    • A person may stay for one night if pastor or a board member approves it.

    • For any additional nights, Ignite Hope’s board must approve it. The maximum stay is two weeks (or the legal maximum, whichever is shorter).

    • Ignite Hope’s board must approve electrical or water usage. There will be a $5/day fee for using electricity or water hookups.

    • Anyone using the grounds must keep them clean.

    • No entertaining on church grounds.

    • Valid picture identification must be shown and photocopied for every adult staying on the church grounds.

    • Driver’s license number and vehicle license number must be recorded on the Ignite Hope Property Usage form.

Ignite Hope wants to be a place where our community can gather. While we do not charge for your stay, any donation to help cover the cost of the building use will be gratefully received.


We will only charge fees for labor costs with the fee going directly to the person rendering the service. (e.g., when we have to have someone come in to operate AV equipment or to do cleaning).

Labor costs – if you want us to do the following there will be certain charges:
Cleaning (general) $25
AV Technician………………………$25/hour per person

Special circumstances may have additional fees added for services and/or require a deposit.

Request a copy of our building usage form by submitting your email below. 

Thanks for submitting!

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