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If Ignite Hope Church were to disappear, would it make any difference? Would the community even notice at all? 

It's an important question. And we think about it regularly. If we're just here because we haven't left yet... if we're not consciously, purposefully acting in ways that may our community a better place, then we're wasting space.

What it means to be a Free Methodist

The Free Methodist Church is a protestant, evangelical denomination; which means that we believe that, as Christians, it's possible to get way off course (protestant), and need to focus on Jesus to get back to what's important in our relationship with God (evangelical).


The Free Methodist Church was birthed out of an American culture that was way too okay with slavery and that considered the Christian church a playground for the socially elite. In response, the Free-Methodist Church has built our identity upon a commitment to champion for the oppressed in our local community and to minister for the benefit of those who are in need.


With this in mind, on a national scale, the Free Methodist Church has committed to

  • Life-giving Holiness (which means learning to be more like Christ and not trying to paint a Christ that looks more like us)

  • Love-driven Justice (which means recognizing the needs in our community and the resources God has given us to be able to meet them)

  • Christ-compelled Multiplication (which means having a focus on sharing Jesus with our community without any hidden or self-serving agendas)

  • Cross-cultural Collaboration (which means recognizing that we have a limited way of understanding who Christ really is, and can benefit from learning from those who have experienced Him differently)

  • God-given Revelation (which means we clearly recognize how easy it is to get off track, so we have to constantly, honestly, evaluate where we are and where we're going to make sure that we haven't lost our way)

Boiling it down for us locally

This Free Methodist identity can manifest itself a little differently, depending upon the needs of the unique community, the gifts and talents that are available here, and the diversity of histories that make this particularly special group of people. So, in no way minimizing the priorities of the values listed above, here is the list of values that Ignite Hope has determined specifically identify us here in Lebanon


  • We're Spirit-led, meaning, we're not relying on our own understanding, or that we think we have it all together, but that we believe that God is real, alive, present, and helping us become the people that He wants us to be.

  • We're Authentic, meaning, we're not trying to be something that we're not, nor do we expect you to fake your way into our approval. It means that we are together in this, regardless of where we are. And we can only move forward by being real.

  • We value Relationships, meaning, we're committed to building bridges between people who have difference, not barriers. We don't have to agree on everything. We're just committed to knowing Jesus better. And, because Jesus tells us to love, then getting to know you better is only going to help us experience new ways to share His love.

  • We're committed to Service,  meaning, we can't just talk about how great God must be if we're surrounded by people who are in need. Being the light of Christ means being willing to roll our sleeves up and invest in the lives of the people around us.

  • We all need Grace, meaning, we all come from a place of needing Jesus in our lives. And if I focus on what I think looks good in me or what I think looks bad in you, then I'm not seeing Jesus at all. Instead, we can learn from one another as, together, we grow in knowing who Jesus really is.

  • We experience Joy, meaning, we're not going handicap ourselves with unrealistic expectations. Today is a gift from God for us to fully celebrate together.

  • We focus on Outreach, meaning, we're not focused inward, focused on serving ourselves or our own interests but committed to being what this community needs for us to be as servants of Christ.

  • We expect to have Growth, meaning,  we're not content with things the way that they are. God is showing us, through the Bible, and in the opportunities He presents us, with how He wants to bless our community with love, truth, peace, and purpose.

Worker with Ladder

Do you think this is something you would like to be a part of? 

Do you think we're missing something, or maybe we've veered off of our intended course?

Reach out to us through one of our connection forms, send us an email, give us a call, or call one of our leaders aside. Because if we are not adding value to our Lebanon community, we need to change what we're doing.

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