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How You Can Help!

We're part of something that is bigger than each one of us.  The impact we can have on each other, and upon the community around us, is much greater when we work together.  Please consider how you might like to be a part of our team.


Join a worship team

If you love to sing and praise God through music, consider joining one of our worship teams.  If know how, or are interested in learning to play an instrument, we're interested in working and growing together with you!

Do you like to push buttons?

If you're more on the tech side of things, we could use you on our sound and slide team: adjusting the audio and working slides throughout the Sunday morning service.


Youth & Children's Ministry Training

Children are so precious to us.  If you have a heart for working with children or teens, we would love to include you.  But, we also need to be on the same page as how to, together, best accomplish this.  So, before we can include you in kids ministry leadership, we'd like to invite you to participate in our 10 week training program.

Cleaning & Maintenance Team

If you're more of a practical, hands-on type of worshiper, our facility is maintained by a core group of dedicated volunteers.  There are a number of individual projects, or regular needs, that draw us closer to being part of something much bigger than ourselves.

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