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About Us

Ignite HOPE is a gathering of people whose lives have been changed by the powerful truth of God's love.  Together we are exploring the intersection of life and faith with the goal of becoming more and more like our example- Jesus.  We are pouring our energy into being real, connecting with others, encouraging others and serving God as He leads us.  We each have stories to share of God's goodness and desire to build connections with our communities.  

What To Expect

If you choose to check out or get involved in one of our worship services, life groups, or other events you can expect to...  see people in all kinds of clothes so feel free to come as you are, be greeted with warmth and excitement, experiences several styles of music and worship, feel both encouraged and challenged, and feel treated like you have equal value no matter who you are, where you have been, mistakes you may have made, and etc...   

"This doesn't look much like a normal church?!"

Well thank you- yes our seating and layout in our Sanctuary is not the normal arrangement of rows of chairs or pews.  We have adopted this "living room" style setting to help encourage connection and sharing in our Bible discussion times. Please step in to your comfort level and join in this journey together!

Our Goals?
Increase Connection
Increase Interaction with the Bible
Grow through listening to each other
Find applications that fit our daily lives!

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